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Date: Sun, Jan 29, 2023
Time 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Venue: 687 Hubbard Creek Rd., Umpqua, Ore. 97486
Phone: 541-459-5120

The Winery Comedy Tour makes another stop at Henry Estate!

Jan. 29, we welcome Dr. Mike

Born and raised in the coal regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania, after high school, Mike pursued a lifelong passion for short haircuts, harsh discipline, and free travel to exotic lands by joining the United States Marine Corps. 

During the war to end all wars, the first Persian Gulf War, Mike discovered that people who gave shots had more fun than people who got shot and Mike put himself through four years of college, four years of medical school, four years of residency and twelve long years of cafeteria food to become Dr. Mike, medical doctor. 

One day, while healing the sick, curing the long suffering and chronically complaining, and having to tell the moderately injured to fill out the proper forms and wait their turn, Dr. Mike realized that patients strapped to gurneys make the best captive audiences and that the only true way to heal someone is to make them laugh. Really laugh. For laughter that comes from the heart and not dispensed by a nitrous oxide mask, heals the soul, if not the internal bleeding.

Dr. Mike helps people reach their perfect state of health, physically and mentally, and performs regularly at comedy clubs, wineries, breweries, nursing homes, waiting rooms, backwood campgrounds, conventions, holiday parties, computer rooms, veteran's hospitals--any place folks gather and he has become a beloved staple of the comedy scene through his blue collar-styled storytelling.

He once saved an audience member's life with a snickers bar and is addicted to internet chess and he does not judge a person by the size of their insurance policy. 

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